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Tips For Making Car Recycling Easy

When cars become so old and run down that they can’t be used for transportation anymore. The majority of the parts can be used for car recycling. About 85 percent of the car can be broken down and reused by salvage yards or sold for scrap metal to produce recycled steel. If you are concerned about the environmental impact that junk cars can have, car recycling can be a solution that is greener and more energy efficient than creating brand new metal parts. Here are some tips to making recycling your car easier.

Before you begin, you will want to find out the guidelines for recycling cars. Looking online at the Automotive Recycler’s Association website can give you all the standards that are required before you recycle. Because old cars can be full of potentially harmful environmental contaminants, you need to prepare your car adequately to avoid causing any spills. The ARA will also be able to provide you with a list of places where you can recycle your car so that you don’t have to call all over to find a local source.

Local companies may be able to provide car recycling and they will probably pay you for it. Even if you don’t find a company that is close to your home, many companies will pick up your car from your home. That way you don’t have to transport the vehicle. You can also call your local scrap metal yard to find out what kinds of programs they have for car recycling. Ask them detailed questions about their recycling process to determine if they are actually environmentally-friendly. Check with state or national agencies to find out if a particular business is qualified to recycle cars. Then you can be sure your car is not harming the local environment without you knowing about it.

Car Recycling

Car recycling doesn’t have to cost you money if you do your research. There are governmental programs that will take your car to be recycled and even can give you cash in return.

Some local city governments even provide free pickup of junk cars, but you will have to find out from your local elected officials to see what programs you can use.

If you are not looking to get any money from recycling your car, you may want to consider donating your vehicle. Some non-profit organizations accept junk cars in lieu of monetary donations.

The organizations sell the cars to auto recyclers and then put the proceeds back into their charity. One benefit for donating a car is a tax deduction on your next return.

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