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How We Work

Client Perspective

From our clients' perspective, AutoRev is a very simple company. We have an American call center, staffed with polite and knowledgeable operators who will ask you a series of simple questions about the vehicle you would like to sell.

After a very short time, AutoRev will make a cash offer for your car, truck, bobcat, boat, RV, crane, or whatever vehicle you are trying to get rid of. If the offer is satisfactory, you tell us when we can pick up your vehicle, and we'll show up with a certified check in hand.

We've worked hard to make our cash offers as generous as possible, and the process as simple, convenient, and reliable as any in the vehicle removal industry.

Behind the Scenes

The reality of our business is that all the hard work happens behind the scenes. When a customer offers us a car or truck, we first use our great experience, as well as strong national relationships in the auto recycling and salvage business, to determine how we can earn top dollar for each vehicle.

We regularly talk to used parts businesses, junk car salvage yards, used car dealers, recycling firms, and auction houses around the country. Not to mention local towing, car removal, storage, and transportation companies.

We're a national company in tune with national trends in the auto recycling and car removal industries.

As a result, we can confidently make generous offers knowing that we'll be able to make a profit. Our competitors operate by making the lowest possible offer, hoping that they'll be able to make a big profit by selling your vehicle at auction or scrapping it in the local car or recycling market.

Our national reach, relationships, and experience allow us to pay more and get more for the vehicles we purchase. We didn't become successful overnight, and it has taken us years to learn how best to serve customers, and profit from the cars they were looking to sell. We're proud of the fact that we've built one of the most successful auto recycling businesses in the United States.

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