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How Can I Sell My Car

If you are ready to get rid of your old vehicle but are nervous and wondering “can I really sell my car?” then read on for successful tips to help ensure you can sell your car easily and for a great value.

Step 1: Gather the paperwork

Try to find everything to do with your vehicle and put it all in one place. Some things you will want to make sure you have before selling: the title, original paperwork from previous sales and any service records. These are things a lot of potential buyers like to see before committing to purchasing the vehicle.

Step 2: Research condition and price

Although you may think your car is in great condition, many potential buyers will not. Car owners tend to overestimate the value of their used vehicles. If you are wondering “how can I sell my car?” then one of the best answers is to research the condition and then decide on a fair price. List the car slightly above the fair market value as it allows for negotiations with potential buyers.

Step 3: Private sale or trade-in?

Now it’s time to decide whether to sell the car yourself or trade it in to a dealership. Both sides have their pros and cons. If you trade-in:

  • Easy, quick and convenient
  • No listing or selling fees
  • No hassle
  • Less sales tax

If you sell it yourself:

Negotiate the price you want Might get more money from the sale of the vehicle No overhead costs

Step 4: Sell My Car

If you decided to sell my car by yourself, then you would want to list the car on classified ads on the internet and perhaps in the local paper. Park the car in an area where many potential buyers are likely to see it and prominently display a For Sale sign in the window.

If you decide to trade-in the car, then you can sell your car by talking to several local dealerships and determining where you would get the best value for your vehicle.

By following the above tips, you should be able to put to rest your worries on “how can I sell my car?” In no time you will be able to watch a buyer driving your car down the street and towards its new home. You will have a handful of cash to help you get over the sadness of your old beloved car and you might even be ready for the next step of selling a car: new vehicle shopping!

Dealer Trade-Ins

Car dealers are on the opposite end of the spectrum from charitable vehicle donations, and the second of the two most popular places to get rid of an old car.

While there are certainly honorable people selling cars in the U.S., there are also reasons why people make jokes about doing business with a car dealer.

As an example, there are times that car dealers advertise that they will give you at least $5,000 for any trade in, even if you have to push the wrecked vehicle onto the lot.

There are as many occasions when your trade-in has a ''blue book'' value of several thousand dollars, and your dealer offers far less.

The point is that car dealers will always make a profit. They'll overvalue a trade-in to get you onto their lot, they'll cut the sticker price to make you feel like you got a deal, or they'll provide expensive financing to recoup the overvalued trade-in or overly generous price.

No matter how they do it, they'll make money on your trade-in. We would recommend that you get the biggest cash offer possible for your vehicle, and then go to the dealer with cash in hand. Down payments motivate car dealers and limit financing costs.

Our point is simple; if you want to make the biggest impact for a charity, get the biggest tax deduction, or earn the most value for a used car when you need to buy a new one, AutoRev is the best option.

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